Vital statistics
Real name Peter Parker
Species Mutated Human

Spider-Man is a superhero. Peter Parker, a high school geek, was one day bitten by a radioactive spider. Following the death of his Uncle Ben, he became a real hero and dedicated his life to helping others and fighting for right and the freedom to speak. Following his original adventures in New York, he embarked on a quest to save the multiverse. This quest resulted in a team up with several different incarnations of himself.



Early lifeEdit

Peter was raised by his loving Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter never met his parents, as they were killed when he was at an early age. Despite this set back, Peter tried his best to be a decent human being and indulged himself in his studies. When he was ten years old, his Uncle Ben took him to Science Camp, hoping he could get a good education. As Peter experienced bullying at the hands of his classmates for his failures, he began to feel sad. However, his professor Otto Octavious came to him and told him that while the laughter of his classmates was meaningless, science was the most important. In his high school, Peter was bullied by Flash Thompson. One incident involved him pushing Peter into a pool of water.

Developing Powers and Becoming a SuperheroEdit

After his bulling continued, Peter attended a science fair. At the fair, he was subject to a spider bite from the lone spider that had escaped from it's cage. Soon, he started to develop unique abilities, wall-crawling and super-strength. At first, he used these powers for his own personal gain, attending different fighting shows and events before making a fatal mistake. One night, Peter failed to stop a burglar from getting away and allowed the criminal to escape, as he believed the issue was not his problem. However, later that day, his uncle had been shot and killed in his own home. Peter, acting as Spider-Man, chased the criminal down and made a shocking discovery: The criminal was the same one he'd previously let escape.

Now more determined than ever, Peter became Spider-Man again and sought out to rediscover himself and see if he could really be a champion and hero if he just believed. He continued to live with his Aunt May after he graduated from high school, as she needed his support even more following her husband's death. He himself also wanted to stay, as he wanted to be their for the woman who brought him up as a child and was there for him when his own parents weren't.

New York super-villain riseEdit

During his starting time as Spider-Man, New York witnessed a rise in super-powered criminals. With the exception of one, all had struggled to find their place in the world and dedicated their life to crime at some point. Spider-Man continued to suppress this and along the way, added several life-long enemies to the very few he already had.

Curt Conner's transformationEdit

The first of which was the Lizard, the mutation of his mentor and friend Curt Connors. During a routine visit to the professor's lab, Peter was spotted by Debra Whitman. As the two descended into the building, they noticed a figure in the room. For her own safety, Peter tried to keep Debra away from harm. However, the latter was not so easily restrained, broke free of his grip and tried to get to Connors before several books fell on her. Peter came to comfort her and was give a compliment by Debra, something he himself was surprised to see her do. Peter was determined to see to it that his mentor was brought back.

Around that same time, Peter noticed the decline of money his aunt had following Ben's death. Feeling sad for his surrogate mother and as a way of paying her back for all the years she had raised him, Peter went after the Lizard, hoping to both stop him and take several pictures of him in the process. This plan was first executed through Peter's visit of Curt Connors' wife and child. As he visited their house, he spotted rival journalist Eddie Brock. As the latter took off, Peter webbed his feet together and subdued the latter at a pole. For finishing touches, he webbed his mouth together.

With one reptile out of the way, Peter decided to go after the original one and continued his tracking of the Lizard. As he arrived in the sewers, Peter was grabbed and begged to by a worker who had bore witness to the Lizard's transformation earlier that day. Peter was unable to, however, but assured the man he'd return for him. Finally spotting the Lizard, Peter got bold. He swung into the Lizard and knocked the latter away from his wife. To his surprise, the Lizard quickly got back up and kicked him in return. As Peter made a hasty recovery, the Lizard charged at him, trying desperately not to defeat him. Following a move of postures, Peter dodged his tail as it crashed into a wall. Following the tail's emergence from the rumble, Peter continued to dodge as several pieces of the wall came off and jumped onto a wall. As the Lizard through rocks at him, Peter concluded he wasn't thinking logically. Things only grew more bizarre as the Lizard slammed into him and submerged the two in water.

Spider-Man and Lizard brawl underwater

Spider-Man and Lizard fight.

Spider-Man was able to grab the Lizard's device, of which he planned to turn everyone into creatures like him and pressed one of it's buttons. During his struggle underwater with his mentor, he expressed sadness in the idea that he was fighting someone he had so desperately though of as a friend and watched as the two fought like animals. The device was destroyed and Peter returned to the surface world, alongside his mentor and retrieved his camera. The next day, he showed May the money he had made from his photo. She concluded that he had followed Spider-Man and the Lizard down to the sewers and urged Peter to take a bath and drink some juice as she held his arm.

The Spider Slayers and their subsequent returnEdit

With his first super-villain named and defeated, a new bread of enemies would dawn on Spider-Man. What he dubbed Smart-bombs attacked him and cornered him on a building. Peter took pictures of the robots as he destroyed him. The robots did his job, as they destroyed themselves in an attempt to kill him. Peter, however, was able to dodge the exploding robots and swing away to safety. However, one wasn't so easily destroyed and continued to chase him. Peter dodged the robot and wondered how he could destroy it.

Shortly afterwards, Peter looked through several of the photographs he had taken of the robots before they destroyed themselves and believed the robots were another downgrade to his life's downgrading quality. Peter wondered who could have been behind their creation, before being called on by Robbie to talk to Jameson. Peter was requested by Jameson to take photos for Felica Hardy during her mother's charity case. As he came in the room, Felicia immediately took an interest in him, staring into his eyes with a suggestive smile. For the charity's dance, Peter took his Aunt May out, instead of Mary Jane Watson. As the two descended into the building, they were met by Felica Hardy. Peter allowed her to meet his aunt before he was snatched away by her for a dance. While dancing with her, Peter was happy and glad that he had chosen her instead of Mary Jane.

Shortly into their dance, Flash Thompson decided to get involved. He dressed up as Spider-Man and while clutching Peter's shirt in his hands, saw a Spider Slayer through the room's window. Peter didn't see it, but his Spider-Sense went off as Flash panicked. Peter as Spider-Man proved essential in stoping the Spider Slayer, through dodging. However, he failed to defeat it and instead, the Spider Slayer made of with Flash Thompson, who was still in his Spider-Man costume. Peter's next action was to save Flash from a number of armed men as they believed he was the real Spider-Man.

As Peter fought of the men, a particular Spider Slayer by the name of Black Widow crept towards him. Fortunately, Peter was able to get out of it's way and land safely. With quick thinking, he took a object and stuck the Black Widow from across the brow, before he was shot at by the recovering men. As the Spider Slayer came towards Flash Thompson, still in his Spider-Man costume, Peter hurried hastily in his defeat of the robot. He clogged up it's main engine to fly with web cartridges and tossed it into a pit of acid. Peter's troubles didn't end there, as he was scolded by Felicia for supposedly abandoning her and referred as a coward.

However, the Spider Slayer's continued to pester Peter's life. Shortly after their debut, Peter spotted another while fighting off regular crime in the streets. He saved the lives of a mother and her dog, after the animal barked at the Spider Slayer. Peter tried to fight it off, but was rendered unconscious when a string of knock out gas was used on him. His comatose body was taken back to the lair of Alistair Smythe, whom wanted revenge on Peter for his involvement in the death of his father.

Peter had his body placed on a table and in cuffs as Alistair contacted J. Jonah Jameson to inform him of his capture. As Jameson tried to unmask Spider-Man, he too was captured and placed in cuffs. The two were placed together and forced to wear a cuff that would make the two literally inseparable with a set time for detonation. As Alistair complained that his father's dream to see him walk again was destroyed by the two, Peter tried to remind him that his father attacked him with a Spider Slayer. Despite their bickering, the managed to escape Smythe's clutches.

Peter and Jameson arrived just in time to save Flash Thompson from being murdered by a Spider Slayer. Peter took the cuff the two had and had the Spider Slayer separate them again through the use of it's own laser. After being separated, Peter urged the two to get away. With the use of a crane, he destroyed the Spider Slayer and went after the largest one. As he arrived to combat the Spider Slayer, Peter pondered how he would be able to both destroy it and prevent the bomb still attached to his arm from going off. As Peter held the unconscious Norman Osborn, he dodged blasts from the Spider Slayer and defeated it. After arriving home, Peter tried to fake being sick so he wouldn't have to meet Mary Jane Watson. However, his aunt urged him to answer the door and he did so to a surprisingly beautiful woman, whom he smiled at upon full sight of her.

Doctor Octopus GambleEdit

Following his first meeting of Mary Jane Watson, Peter was invited into the home of Felicia Hardy. To his surprise, as he still recalled her frustration with him during the original attack of the Spider Slayer. After being allowed through her front gate, Peter was surprised to see the mass scope of her front yard, even commenting it was as massive as a park. After being allowed in her house, Peter saw Felicia as she came down from her room and gave her flowers, which he taken out of her flower vase. After Felicia went back upstairs to get a jacket, Peter heard her scream and came to her aid.

When he found her, she was in the tentacles of Doctor Octopus, a criminal with an interest in profiting off of her kidnapping. As Peter tried to react, however, he was caught by a pall of collapsing books and furniture. After being pulled out by officials, Peter gave a description of the man who'd kidnapped her. To his annoyance, the men did not believe him, one even making jokes at his expense. After realizing the kidnapper was Otto Octavious, Peter recalled his enrollment in Science Camp with Otto as the teacher and the works he had remembered distinctively hearing from the man.

Peter wondered what could have changed the lover of science, into a vicious criminal. After J. Jonah Jameson intercepted the threat and tried to give Octavious the ransom, Peter as Spider-Man followed him and tried to confront his former mentor. Though he tried his best, he was defeated after being tossed around several times and finally being thrown out of the room. Peter was not defeated so easily, as he came back to the building and tried to save them, but the three were gone. Later, Peter received scolding from Felica's mother and from Robbie Robertson for his involvement in Jameson's capture. He concluded he could save the two as himself, rather than Spider-Man and talked to Octavious over the phone, revealing his past with him and getting the opportunity to deliver the ransom to him instead of anyone else.

As Peter arrived, he stood in place as Doctor Octopus checked out if he really delivered how much money he had promised. After handing over the money, Peter proclaimed that everything would be okay as he watched Doctor Octopus' experiment he had discussed over the phone with him. Peter listened to his explanation of his newly-aquired powers and told him to release his hostages, as he had been paid. After revealing he believed his mentor was of no more use to him, Peter was thrown out of the building by Doctor Octopus. Shortly afterwards, he came back in as Spider-Man and after throwing the same device Octavious had worked so hard on for years at him, he was successfully able to save both his worst enemy and the woman who rejected him.

Mysterio's terrorizingEdit

As Peter laid asleep in his bedroom, he was called by a rather anxious Mary Jane Watson, whom was seeking to ask him out on a date. As the two talked, Peter successfully was able to win her over and schedule a date with her the upcoming friday. However, as he walked downstairs and greeted his Aunt May, he discovered Spider-Man had broken into a museum the night prior. Himself being Spider-Man, he couldn't believe someone was capable of completely mimicking his skills and moves. As he arrived at the museum, he was scolded by J. Jonah Jameson for not having the latest pictures of Spider-Man. As J. Jonah Jameson delivered a speech live regarding the recent break-in, Peter wandered off and discovered a piece of webbing still clinging to the building's ceiling.

Though he tried to wander off with the piece of webbing, he was caught by detective Terri Lee. Peter told her truthfully that he was a photographer for the Daily Bugle, soon being asked what was in his hand by her. Peter explained that he had just seen it, soon being threatened by Terri that she could arrest him for removing evidence. Peter explained his theory and belief in the webbing's non-relation to Spider-Man. As the two walked together, they and the others in the museum heard a figure clouded in smoke before revealing himself to be Mysterio, also delivering a threat against Spider-Man.

Through his following of the fake Spider-Man, Peter was able to determine as Spider-Man that Mysterio was just creating fakes of him and trying to trick people into thinking of him as a villain. As he lunged at Mysterio, the latter disappeared and reappeared. Following a short chase, Mysterio urged him to follow him and allow him to give Spider-Man explanations for his hatred of the latter. Peter tried to do so, but fell for his trick and was embarrassed by the citizens he'd protected on a daily basses. Peter was able to catch up to him later after following him to a bridge, of which many used for transportation and were angry to have it blocked off in such a fashion.

As Spider-Man hanged on bridge's wall, he was hit by several rocks and presumed dead after he fell in the water. However, the hero had not died and had kept his breath through the use of his webbing. As he arrived home, he gave up on being Spider-Man and answered the door to Terri Lee. He told her he didn't really care about what happened to Spider-Man. After she told him that Spider-Man would never turn his back on anyone, Peter remembered his uncle's death and became inspired to become Spider-Man again. He and Terri Lee were able to piece together who Mysterio really was and through his own tactical prowl, was able to defeat the snake and prove his innocence to Jameson and all other citizens of New York.

Pursuing Felicia Hardy and the ScorpionEdit

Following his defeat of the Lizard, he tried to convince Felicia Hardy to date him as the two walked together. Peter saw no difference between the two's interactions as her tutor and as his student, where as Felica explained that she needed his help with work as he was the only one that could help her. Peter examined the area briefly and noticed an individual following the two. As he turned around, the neanderthal hid, but was still spotted by Peter as he left Felica behind and pursued him. As he pursed the lone ranger, he noticed several miscreants up to no good.

Spider-Man was forced to stop his pursuit of the lone ranger and go after the nefarious men, one of which he webbed up and asked them if they could say they were going to jail. As the man's allies tried to flee, Spider-Man cornered the group and toyed with them as one tried to hit him several times and urged him to stay still. He removed the man's weapon and webbed the three. He then took his camera from the webbings he had created and expressed disappointment in not being able to capture the man who'd previously been following him.

Confronted by the Scorpion

Spider-Man is attacked by the Scorpion.

With growing suspicion that he was indeed Spider-Man, Peter came to J. Jonah Jameson as Spider-Man and warned him that Peter would be either attacked or killed if he continued to take photographs of him. This meeting reminded Jameson of the death of his wife, when she was gunned down in cold blood by a man that was angry with Jameson for not getting off of a story relating to him. Jameson's revenge was turning Mac Gargan, the man who previously had followed Peter to determine his secret identity, into the Scorpion. Spider-Man was attacked by the Scorpion while web-slinging throughout New York. With quick decision making, Spider-Man quickly devised a plan that would lure Scorpion away from any innocent civilians.

As Peter's battle with the foe continued, he was hit by a watermill and crushed, as well as unconscious. Scorpion did not fulfill his original task, as he was assigned to unmask Spider-Man. However, he soon came to J. Jonah Jameson's aid after the latter was captured by the Scorpion. With their combined efforts, Peter and J. Jonah Jameson succeeded in defeating the Scorpion. As he left, Spider-Man was given reassurance by Jameson that nothing had changed between the two and he would continue to be against him.

Kraven's arrival in New YorkEdit

As Peter descending into a building, he noticed one of his doctors in a room with a mysterious man. The man was belligerent of her and tried to keep Peter out of the room. As the individual chased her upstairs, Peter as Spider-Man saved her from a fall to certain death. As he attacked the man, he grabbed him by both of his arms and tried to place him in a bind before being thrown against a window. With one final move, he was able to knock the individual of the roof, where he disappeared soon after.

The doctor told Peter the man's name was Kraven the Hunter, also stating that Peter couldn't stop him and he would be back. Peter was told of the man's origins, leading him to assume the name and made a few jokes before leaving her at her lab and claiming he'd come back for her after he finished an objective of his. Peter became fearful after seeing the fear in her eyes of Kraven and hoped the police would be able to stop the madman.

As Peter later arrived at a party, he greeted Mary Jane, whom was interested in eating with him later that night. Peter was more than happy to accept as he made comments about her clothing during her showcase, before being spotted by Felicia Hardy. Peter was surprised to see her, as was she of him. Peter asked her what she was doing there and found out the event was funded by the Hardys. As Felicia made plans to date Peter later that night, Peter was reminded of his previous commitment with Mary Jane before Kraven arrived at the party. As Kraven came, Peter left and changed into his Spider-Man costume.

As the two fought outside, Kraven revealed to Peter that he had kidnapped Robbie Robertson. Peter became furious and warned Kraven not to hurt him or he would face his own wrath. Later that night, Peter became aggravated over not being able to find Robbie and Kraven, insisting that he needed to start keeping his friends out of his battles. However, he was able to deduct that Kraven would be residing at the zoo. Peter was correct and once arriving, was subject to attacks by Kraven. After Kraven was cured, Peter was able to save Robbie and that next day, watch Kraven and the doctor sail of together.

First Contact with SymbioteEdit

Peter was at the Daily Bugle, in the office of J. Jonah Jameson, alongside the latter and Robbie Robertson when the three watched J. Jonah Jameson's son John Jameson as he was announced to be scheduling to land to an airport. As Peter congratulated J. Jonah Jameson on his son's accomplishments, he was asked by the latter why he was thanking him. Peter believed John and his father to be two completely different people. Later that day, Spider-Man tried to save John and his cohort, but was delayed in his save by the arrival of Rhino. He asked the individual who he was and where he came from, following a banter between the two, resulted in Spider-Man being tossed aside rather easily by the superior foe.

Peter's life was saved as Wilson Fisk, Rhino's employee, contacted him and told him to bring his findings immediately. With the villain gone, Peter was finally able to fulfill his original objective and save the two astronauts. As he pondered J. Jonah Jameson's reaction to his saving of his son, he heard a noise and looked inside the shuttle. Inside he was covered by a black substance. As he arrived home, he discovered that his innocence was once again put on the line as J. Jonah Jameson reported Spider-Man causing the space shuttle's crash. Peter was angered by the rash and abundantly wrong accusation, even becoming annoyed when his naive of his identity Aunt May praised the idea of Spider-Man's capture.

As Peter prepared for bed, he became saddened over apparently being worth something for once in his life and not being able to collect it. He discarded his costume and went to sleep. As he laid in bed, the black substance from the space shuttle attached itself to him, leading to a confrontation with it in his mind. As he awoke, he found himself dangling upside down from a building. After avoiding a few policemen and pedestrians trying to catch him in order to get Jameson's money, Peter took a liking to the suit. His love of the suit sharpened as he used it's other features to change clothes quicker, even questioning the logic of Felicia Hardy after she stated he scared her following his standing-up to Flash Thompson. He simply dusted her off and continued his own beliefs regarding the costume.


As he prepares to kill the Rhino, Peter realizes he has changed since getting the costume.

Following a brief argument with his aunt, Peter resumed his following of the Rhino once he pinpointed the latter's signal. He tracked him down and prepared to fight him. As the two fought, Peter revealed his superior strengths. With the suit's help, he was able to toss the Rhino around and through walls, in a striking resemblance to the latter's attacks on him during their original encounter. Peter proclaimed that he wanted answers. As he became enraged, Peter threatened the Rhino's life and came to his senses after remembering his confrontations with others during his earlier times with the suit. He left the Rhino and went off, all the while realizing he had truly became different.

Despite his realization, Peter continued to use the suit. During one encounter with several people interested in capturing him, he learned one of the suit's weaknesses being the use of vibration after an individual did so on him, almost causing him to pass out until the suit saved him from being captured by getting away. Peter confronted J. Jonah Jameson and Eddie Brock for his troubles, citing to Brock that the man in the rhino costume could have been responsible for the shuttle's crashing as opposed to him. As he continued to argue with the two, Jameson sneakingly alerted officers and tried to seize Spider-Man, before the latter escaped through a window.

Peter's curiosity on the suit brought him to Curt Connors for examination. Peter and Curt were surprised to find out the suit was actually a living being and was using Peter himself as a host for it's own purposes. As Peter was commanded by Conners to remove the costume, he told the latter he had a few more objectives to take care of and went off. One of which was breaking into Eddie Brock's apartment after the latter had been kicked out and finding footage of the sighting. However, as Spider-Man prepared to leave, he heard a commotion outside. Peter went outside and witnessed Brock being attacked by an individual in a mask.

Peter meets Shocker

Spider-Man grabs the Shocker.

The individual identified their-self as Shocker after Peter pushed them away from Brock. Peter fought the foe, before being encased a loud of bricks and being left for burial by the Shocker as he laughed at him after his apparent demise. Shortly after the foe walked off, Peter got out and went after the villain. He was able to steal the same substance the Rhino had stolen earlier and soon after John was kidnapped from his hospital room, was forced to give it back in order to reunite father and son. As the two left, Peter proclaimed he would cover them from the rear, as he suspected a double-cross was in the works. His suspicions proved correct as he was attacked by the Shocker. During his battle with the latter, he put the Shocker in a bear-hug. This was stopped by Eddie Brock, who pushed Spider-Man and Shocker down.

Becoming even more furious, Spider-Man seized Brock in webbing and told him that he would be dealt with later as he continued his fight with Shocker. As Peter's rage consumed him, he began to toss Shocker over the balcony. As he stopped himself, the suit carried out the villainous act for him, but, Peter was able to save Shocker by webbing a part of his legs to the balcony's top as he fell. With an attempt to take the suit of, Peter was surprised to see the suit completely taking over him. He used vibrations from the bell near him to stop the suit in it's tracks and he presumed it to have been destroyed after he witnessed it fall through a crack.

The Birth of VenomEdit

The symbiote was not so easily destroyed, however, as it had instead bonded with Eddie Brock after Spider-Man left him dangling from the chapel. While on patrol, Peter attacked the Rhino in his original costume. Following a banter between the two, Peter was able to subdue the villain. However, he was literally shocked by Shocker's entrance into the battle. Peter was encased underneath several pieces of wood until he emerged to find both Rhino and Shocker defeated. As he pondered who could have been responsible for the webbing found on the two, Peter was helped up bizarrely by Eddie Brock.

As Peter asked him how he managed to get up there, Peter was referred to by his real name rather than Spider-Man by Eddie. Spider-Man asked him what he meant and soon found out that Brock had discovered his secret identity through the symbiote. As Peter started to fight Venom, he was put in a headlock and tossed around. He wondered how the symbiote could have survived it's apparent destruction. As Peter continued to be attacked by Venom, he tried to reason with him, stating that the symbiote merely wanted to take over him as a host like it wanted him. Venom refused to listen to him and instead threatened his loved ones.

Peter told him to leave them alone, something Venom debunked and instead pestered the idea profusely in Peter's mind, even after he left him alone. Peter's fears came true as Eddie targeted his aunt and Mary Jane. Peter was able to dust off both incidents, the one involving Mary Jane leading to a confrontation between the two. Peter was followed by Venom and bore witness to Venom's threats and jokes towards him. Peter lured Venom into a space shuttle launching site, of which he was chased down in and followed by the similarly-powered foe.

As he was chased, he became eager towards the launch of the space shuttle, as he was grabbed by Venom. As Venom ushered out a cry of joy in catching Spider-Man, the latter webbed him from top to bottom in an attempt to stop him in his tracks. As Venom escaped the webbing, he fell to his knees. Peter had succeeded in vibrating Eddie out of the symbiote and carried of his body after leaving the symbiote in webbing designed to resemble a bag. After he escaped from the shuttle site, Peter was happy to have defeated his greatest nemesis. He enjoyed the rest of the night with Mary Jane, being reminded of his torment by her asking of what was really in space.

Hobgoblin's CreationEdit

Peter walked with Harry Osborn, discussing Harry's suggestion of Peter rooming in with him. Peter disliked the idea of becoming roommates, as he believed the two had hardly known each other. Harry explained his father wanted him to move in with someone smart and responsible, someone like Peter. Peter was reluctant to attend Harry's father Norman Osborn's speech. As he and the others listened to Norman's speech, he and the citizens were attacked by the Hobgoblin. Peter saved the life of Wilson Fisk.

Peter quickly switched into his Spider-Man costume and attacked the villain. As he fell after missing, Spider-Man was called pathetic by the supervillain, who wondered how he had ever got a reputation in New York in the first place. As he caught himself with a web, Peter prepared to launch a blow at Hobgoblin as he fell backwards. These preparations were dashed when the Hobgoblin severed his web, causing him to spiral to the ground. Peter hanged on to a part of his glider and hanged on for his life, as the villain tried to shake him off.

After returning home, Peter announced to his Aunt May his plans to move out from their home and move in with Harry Osborn. Though he offered to stay with her if she felt insecure, May formally agreed, stating that all young people should find their own way at some point in their lives. Later that day, Peter arrived at his intended new home and found many strangers there, celebrating his moving in with Harry. However, the next day, Peter wandered around the house frantically before May arrived. As he answered the door with Harry at his side, the three were attacked by the Hobgoblin, seeking revenge on Peter for saving Fisk's life. As the villain threw Pumpkin Bombs, Peter found Harry gone and May knocked out. Peter took her to the hospital, where he was given instructions to simply let her rest. As Hobgoblin continued to lurk around New York, this time with a new glider, Spider-Man chased the foe down to Norman Osborn's lab and confronted the levitating adversary.

He continued to pursue him as the two had an arial battle once again, this time Spider-Man being thrown off the back of his glider. As Peter headed into a building, Hobgoblin launched explosives after him. Spider-Man merely moved out and continued to ponder a way of defeating his adversary. Spider-Man dodged two blasts from Hobgoblin's glider. After hiding underneath a car, which was incinerated by Hobgoblin, Spider-Man retreated into the sewers. He left after water used by fire fighter was shot at him accidentally. After doing so, he confronted Norman Osborn about his involvement with the Hobgoblin. He returned to his aunt's side, only to discover Mary Jane had been looking after her in his absence. Peter thanked her and apologized to his aunt, proclaiming it was all his fault that she was in the hospital and in such critical condition.

As Peter made contact with Norman Osborn again, he was convinced by Norman to face off against the Hobgoblin again. During his briefing with the latter at the gate of his supposed hideout, Spider-Man grabbed his shirt and reminded him he knew where he was located before going off. Through the many twists and turns of the base, Spider-Man finally located Hobgoblin. As he listening in on the latter's conversations with others, he webbed up his gliders and kicked him in the face after Hobgoblin threw a Pumpkin Bomb at him. Peter eventually subdued the foe long enough to get Harry Osborn out of the building.

Peter concludes that he isn't ready to move out

With his aunt's suggestion, Peter realizes he isn't ready to move out on his own.

As he arrived with the comatose Harry, he confronted his father, stating his son was fine and that Hobgoblin was gone. Though Norman was relieved, Spider-Man stated that he had not yet fully answered his questions and continued to criticize his parenting of his son. However, after Norman saved Harry from a collapsing piece of their sealing caused by a Pumpkin Bomb of Hobgoblin's, Peter believed Norman had finally done something right for his son. The foe made off once again, this time Peter returning to Aunt May's side. After being scolded by a doctor, Peter was overjoyed to see her well. As Aunt May told him that he made the right choice saving the life of Wilson Fisk, Peter remembered the Hobgoblin and realized he now had added yet another foe to his ever-growing rouges gallery.

Name tarnishingEdit

As Peter's life continued to unravel, fellow Daily Bugle worker Robbie Robertron was accused of....



Mary Jane WatsonEdit

Peter originally had no fixation on meeting the young woman, as he believed she was ugly from his aunt's constant references to her personality. However, as he laid eyes on her when he opened his house's front door, he concluded that he had met and found someone very special. Following the two's first date together, Peter believed he did not make that much of a impression. However, she did not think so, as she called him back around a few days later and requested another with him. Peter ho-heartedly accepted and was anxious to date her again.

Aunt MayEdit

Of all the people in Peter's life that survived after he became Spider-Man, Peter cared about no one more than Aunt May. Peter was scarred to see anything happen to her and always tried to please her. She was the closest thing to a mother he ever had and believed in her being one of the most amazing, more so than he was as a person, women he had ever met in his life. During his career as Spider-Man, Peter debated whether or not to tell her who he really was, as he didn't want to see if she'd approve or disapprove and force him out of the identity and be ashamed with him for the rest of his life.

Peter has undying loyalty to May, as she continued to support him after he moved out of her home. Though Peter offered to stay and live with her, May agreed that he needed to live by himself for once.



Green GoblinEdit





  • With being the series' titular character, Spider-Man is the only single character to appear in every episode over the course of the five seasons.
  • Peter met Eddie Brock, Norman Osborn and Otto Octavious before they became super-villains. As Spider-Man, he met Mysterio and Carnage before they were empowered.