Debra Whitman
Debra Whitman
Vital statistics
Species Human

Debra Whitman is an ally of Peter Parker.


Debra was always ambitious of any of Peter Parker's exploits. She was just as smart as Parker and if not, even smarter. She had a difficult time stating someone else was correct and when she did, she'd usually go back on her word.


Debra began working for Curt Connors alongside Peter Parker. During one of Peter's attempted solo retreats to Connors' residence, Debra spotted him and tried to talk to him, much to his annoyance. To make matters worse, she quickly examined a paper that Peter had been keeping in his hands before she had intruded on him. As the two made their way into the building, she took of her rather long jacket and into her lab coat, alongside Peter. She and Peter talked briefly, before latter put his hand over her mouth in suspicion of danger.

After he released her, she claimed he was suffocating her and saw a silhouette of what appeared to be Curt Connors. For her own safety, Peter grabbed her arm and tried to hold her back. However, Debra was not so easily restricted and quickly got out of his grip. As she made her way to Connors, a tail attacked her. She was able to dodge the tail, but was paralyzed as a pall of books descended on her as she stood in place. Peter grabbed her and comforted her, with her in turn stating that he had acted brave.