Felicia oversaw the arrangement for a charity between the Hardys and J. Jonah Jameson. Though Jameson reminded her that the charity was not the first he had hosted, she in turn reminded him that it was the first one with the Hardy name attached to it. She began to state that the ball would need a photographer and was told by Jameson that if he invested more money, he himself would need charity before he decided to introduce her to whom he claimed was his best photographer. As she asked who he was, Peter Parker came inside and revealed himself to her. Felicia was surprised and revealed to Jameson that the two went to college together after he questioned the two already knowing each other.

Felicia related to Peter that Jameson said that he was his best photographer, with Jameson confirming it. She stated that she was sure Peter would be able to take photos efficiently before leaving. She arrived at the Hardy-funded charity dance with Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn, whom talked before Felicia stressed that talking about work was boring. She carried Flash off and stated that the dance was a success before turning her eye to Peter Parker, whom she took immediate interest in. After she and Flash saw his aunt, Felicia told Flash that she though his decision to bring an old woman was sweet and expressed her pondering of her identity before going off to find out.

Addressing Peter by his first name, she stated that he looked incredible and shook hands with May Parker before asking if she could borrow his nephew while grabbing him by the hands. Though Peter related that he should be taking pictures, Felicia also stated that she should be dancing with Flash Thompson. Felicia told Peter that she was surprised of his dancing and stated that she liked surprises before asking rhetorically if he liked hers and kissing him. Their kiss was cut short, as Spider-Man arrived into the building, causing Felicia and the others to start to panic. Though Peter related that it was an imposter, Felicia asked how he would know that. After Spider-Man left the two alone, a Spider Slayer came inside and started to cause damages. Though Felicia tried to talk it out of causing any more damage, the Black Widow merely attacked her, which would have succeeded in hurting her if not for the appearance of the real Spider-Man, whom saved her life.

After the incident was over, Felicia related to Flash that the two were done after he had impersonated Spider-Man. When Peter showed up again, she referred to him as the coward. She explained her meaning by stating that he abandoned her and that Spider-Man had to save her, exclaiming that if he was half the man Spider-Man was before walking off.